Symbiotic Development

From idea to realisation – we are there throughout the process. Right from the first contact with our customers to the delivery of unique products and solutions. We take all inquiries seriously and we always seek to guide our customers, regardless of size. In close cooperation with the customer, we make sure we develop a product that meets our customers’ needs – and much more. Our design department is in close contact with the customer, thus fulfilling any requirement within a realistic range.

We customise products in virtually any materials, which means that almost anything can be done within reasonable limits. However, some materials are costlier to use for customisation. For example, sugarcane fiber products can be a major economic challenge, since molds are more expensive to customise.

Through our design department, using the latest technology in 3D designing, we offer to develop new types of packaging and optimise existing products.

As an organisation, we cannot afford to lead a conservative development through which we do not develop our product range. Therefore, it is important for us to keep a close eye on the market so that we know what is popular and a necessity for our customers so that we can develop our range based on market demand. However, this is not enough for us. We strive to influence market development and we often launch new and unique products that competitors do not sell.

Private label and Design

In the 21st century, it is no longer special to have your own logo printed on your packaging, on the contrary it is becoming a must. It is often no longer a big expense or a time consuming process. The unusual thing is to find a manufacturer who puts himself in the customer’s shoes, and creates a satisfactory result, and guides with the customer.

When we receive a query for our goods with print, the desired print is sent to our design department, which, with their technological expertise, can complete a template layout. Then the design is sent to our customer, which may include any adjustments of a larger or smaller grade, to finally agree on the final design. Next, the design is sent to the production where samples produced, so that the customer can see a final product without tying to the entire production. In addition, our customer can come up with final refinements, after which an order confirmation is made, and production is started.

It’s typically our paper cups, our customers choose to get produced with print. Print on carry bags is also a favorite, but we also offer prints on, for example, sandwich paper, napkins and many other products.

Pantone codes are an internationally recognized way of specifying shades. That way, there is a synchronous choice of shades, ranging from the customer to the final product, so that the customer gets exactly the desired color. Through our experience with this type of color coding, we can advise our customers about suitable colors for the product.

Price, print and quantity are often linked, but we offer printed products based on small quantities to larger quantities. That way we can help start-ups as well as established companies with branding.