No expensive intermediary

Most of our products come directly from our factories in the provinces of Shandong and Zhejiang, where we are part of different industrial zones. In the industrial zones, we have a very close relationship with our manufacturer neighbors, and therefore we consider ourselves as one large family. This means that we have the opportunity to service our customers with the same low price and high quality of all our goods. We produce 80% of our goods ourselves. The remaining 20% comes primarily from our industrial zones or partners in Europe.

Our close relationship with the other manufacturers in our industrial zones means that we are secured enough food approvals and certificates and therefore we have food approvals on all of our packaging items that are suitable for food. We conduct continuous control of our own factories as well as our partners, where we ensure compliance with legislation, including examining that the working environment is of sufficient quality and child labor is under a zero tolerance policy.
Because we produce most of our goods ourselves, it means we can deliver these directly from the factory to our customers.

All intermediaries are cut away, resulting in the absolute sharpest price.

Product inspection is carried out by our employees located in China, which conducts sampling on a regular basis, ensuring that production is always of the highest quality and meets our customers’ needs. One can thus split the production into four phases:

Start approval of production
Continuous control of production
Final local approval (performed by employees in China)
Final approval upon arrival at own warehouse

Through this process you can be sure to get what you want – and much more.

Box Tray
More than a supplier


Our assortment is mainly made of paper, palm leaves, sugar cane fiber (bagasse), various types of plastic, most of which are environmentally friendly (PLA; corn starch).


The paper is used for our cups, china boxes and more. Raw material is imported in large rolls – either with or without different coatings – after which the paper is processed and formed into the final product. Paper coating is often a necessity, as paper alone will absorb liquids or grease from food. We offer different types of coating that will always match the product’s application and customer needs.


Our palm leaf articles are produced quite uncomplicatedly but require manual work. As the name suggests, palm leaf plates and bowls come from dried palm leaves, which have fallen naturally to the ground. Then they are collected and shipped to the production facilities, where they are pressed and cut to the desired form of machines manually operated. This means that the material passes through a relatively slow process, so it is often not an item that is available in large quantities at a time.

Sugarcane Fibers

Unlike palm leaf products, sugarcane fiber products are mass produced. When extracting sugar from sugarcane, you will be left with a waste product in the form of the fibers from the sugarcane. We use these fibers as raw material for the production of some very aesthetic and durable products. Due to the natural origin of the material, the products can be composted after use. After the fibers have been cleaned, they are finely chopped and slurried in water, giving a “pulp”. Through molding we can make products in all imaginable forms – typically plates, dishes, bowls and other take-away packaging.


The majority of our plastic products are developed in the plastic type PLA (Polylactic Acid). PLA is made from corn starch and is therefore characterised by its biodegradable nature. Unlike other types of plastics, PLA is not nearly as stable at higher and lower temperatures, and therefore the applications are limited. However, there are constantly people working to develop newer techniques that allow it to be used to a greater extent.

We aim to guide our customers to the best of our ability to ensure that our customers get the product and service they need.